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Your Door Knocking Needs Digital

Make Sure Your Campaign's Message Doesn't Fall on Closed Doors

Using digital ads to supplement door knocking can lead to major wins! A recent Maine State House candidate used to run digital ads to reach the voters they were doing door-to-door outreach on…and it worked!

By leveraging additional voter outreach online, the candidate increased his name ID and voter support enough to win by 121 votes and flip the district from blue to red! Here's how to use this winning "digital doors" strategy in your campaign with

How to Create Your Own Digital Doors Campaign:

1. Create a FREE Account

2. Create an Audience Campaign

Have it start at least 2-3 days before you begin door-knocking. This gives the ads enough time to stick with your voters.

3. Select Your Geography

Choose either your district, city, state...wherever you'll be knocking doors!

4. Select Your Audience

Use one of our prebuilt voterfile matched audiences OR upload your own custom list of voters at no additional fee.

5. Select Your Creatives

Follow the prompts and choose your ad format(s) and creatives to upload.

5. Launch Your Campaign!

Digital advertising is a great way to make in-person outreach more effective and efficient. With the help of’s award-winning technology, you can easily create targeted digital ad campaigns that reach the precise groups of voters your message needs to resonate with. Combining digital and traditional outreach has been proven to make a real impact on election day.

Want to use this award-winning technology in your campaign? It’s free to get started!


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