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Our Technology

Data Technology

Our platform is powerful. can reach virtually every American online while also being smart enough to only serve ads to those within the voterfile that your campaign must influence to win. You can target prebuilt audiences compiled from the best voter data available or upload your own list and reach those voters (and only those voters) on any device, any second of the day.

How it Works

1 / find

We can target voters by city, congressional district, zip code, or even work with your own data. We also use several methods to make sure that your message is in front of the right people by utilizing browser cookies, mobile device IDs, geolocation targeting, mobile geofencing, and smart IP targeting.

2 / match

We match geographic locations, demographic data, voterfile records, and other relevant metrics to serve your ads to the exact universe of people you want. 

3 / immerse

Unlike billboards or yard signs, we don't just get your message in front of voters once - we immerse them with your message as they go about their days and drive up your campaign's name ID. Our technology allows us to immerse your voters with your message as they organically go about their day. Get in front of your voters more often with

4 / track

Our robust reporting tools allow you to see exactly how your campaign is performing at any time of the day. You always know exactly how your campaign dollars are being spent, how many times your ads have been seen, and where voters are seeing your message.

5 / optimize

During your campaign's lifecycle, we work with you to make sure that your campaign is optimized for success. Our team knows that political campaigns can change in an instant, and we're here to help you adjust accordingly.

Use for Your Campaign 
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