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GUEST POST: Taking Your Digital Ads Further with Phones

Today's post is brought to you by the team over at Campaign HQ, the leading provider of phone and text voter outreach services for conservative campaigns.

Example of award-winning voter targeted digital ad campaign by and an example of text outreach by CampaignHQ

Whether you’re running for dog catcher or president, there’s no doubt that digital ads should be part of your campaign’s strategy and budget. is the most complete self-service, voter targeted digital advertising platform for GOP candidates.

Unfortunately, voters don’t make their decisions based on one form of communication alone. So once your digital ad campaign is underway, you can take the next step towards victory by integrating a phone campaign into your plan.

The average American checks their phone 144 times a day. So you need a strategy to truly “Own the Phone” by engaging voters in every possible channel, including phone calls and text messages in addition to digital ads.

By adding phones to your digital campaign, you will maximize your message, create an echo chamber of your voice, and initiate a two-way conversation with voters. Particularly in down-ballot races where name recognition and turnout are low, having meaningful conversations with voters by phone and text are proven to move the numbers and increase support.

Four ways to integrate phones with your digital ads are with Live or Automated Get out the Vote (GOTV) calls, GOTV texts, and telephone townhalls.

Automated calls are quick, affordable, far reaching and a terrific way to leverage the perfect endorsement you received, push voters to an event you’re holding, or deliver late-breaking updates about your campaign. On average, 20-25% of your target audience still has (and uses) their landline phone. Can you afford to miss communicating with that many people in a close race?

Live calls help you go deeper with voters by having a two-way conversation. This will help your campaign overcome voter confusion, encourage your supporter to make a plan to vote, and outline exactly how and where to vote.

Text messages ensure you’re meeting voters exactly where they are. You can take the digital ad or campaign video that you’ve created and send it directly to voters’ phones. This will help you quickly and effectively refute an attack, remind voters where their polling location is, or send links and emojis.

Telephone townhalls provide you the opportunity to reach a large audience directly at one time, while letting voters interact with you. This will give you the chance to share the issues you’ve been talking about in your digital ads with voters directly, showing them you’re ready, able, and willing to handle their biggest concerns.

Just like digital ads, your voter contact phone plan can be specifically targeted to exactly which voters you want to hear each individual message.

An effective and winning campaign doesn’t silo off their tools – instead, integrating phones into your digital ad plan will give you the edge and help you win your race. Let us help you put together your plan.

To learn more about their phone voter outreach services, please visit Campaign HQ for more details!


About combines voter targeting solutions, programmatic advertising technology, and near real-time customized reporting within a streamlined interface that doesn’t require additional advertising training or experience. In as little as six steps, a candidate can go from the login page through the launch of a targeted digital campaign to any universe. Couple that with no up-front costs or setup fees, and it’s no wonder why the platform signed up 87 accounts that went on to launch 587 campaigns its first year in operation.

Want to use this award-winning technology in your campaign? It’s free to get started!

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