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Behind the Win: Kim Taylor, Virginia House Delegate 82

Using digital social pressure for GOTV

JLK Associates, working for Kim Taylor, VA House Delegate 82, hired as the digital placement vendor for the campaign. They needed a firm with transparent pricing, reporting, and a quick turnaround that could adjust to an ever-changing campaign in a tight district. While an incumbent, Delegate Taylor was running in a district that Biden won by 11 points in 2020. helped us secure a historic victory by helping us spread our message and implementing an aggressive turnout operation targeting key voters. Delegate Taylor and our team are thankful for their help and we look forward to using them in the future. - Jimmy Keady, founder, JLK Associates


To tackle this, we recommended that our partner, Jimmy Keady with JLK & Associates, agree to invest the entire digital budget into a Social Pressure GOTV Display Advertising campaign. We targeted Republicans who had voted in one or more of the last four general elections, using modeling from our data providers to develop the audience. The ad itself was an animated GIF that showcased a suburban neighborhood, with every house except one displaying a red check mark indicating GOP voters. The one house without the check mark had a flashing black X and a message urging them not to let everybody down.


The results of the digital ad campaign were outstanding. We served 1,152,577 impressions to our target audience over 27 days, with an average frequency of 132.97 for each audience member. We achieved nearly 5 impressions per day per target, and the ad was clicked on 2,222 times, generating the same number of visits to the Virginia Department of Elections Polling Place Lookup Portal. Ultimately, Delegate Taylor won the election by a margin of 78 votes, making it the closest House of Delegates race in Virginia this year. 

Our firm played a vital role in this victory by crafting and implementing a highly effective digital social pressure campaign. By focusing on turning out existing supporters rather than persuading undecided voters, we were able to secure a win for Delegate Taylor. This case study demonstrates our expertise in using data-driven strategies to achieve exceptional results in political campaigns. combines voter targeting solutions, programmatic advertising technology, and near real-time customized reporting within a streamlined interface that doesn’t require additional advertising training or experience. In as little as six steps, a candidate can go from the login page through the launch of a targeted digital campaign to any universe. Couple that with no up-front costs or setup fees, and it’s no wonder why the platform signed up 87 accounts that went on to launch 587 campaigns its first year in operation.

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