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5 Questions to Ask Your Political Ad Vendor

We know how difficult it is to find a good ad partner, especially one that’s transparent and doesn’t eat up a budget with extra fees. While we built to address the red tape, political censorship, and high costs associated with other digital ad vendors - we also know that you understand your campaign the best. No matter who you decide to use for your campaign, we suggest asking the following questions to your political ad vendor:

1. Where will my ads appear?

The answer should be every website, mobile app, or streaming service your audience visits (that allows political advertising!). No matter the size of the campaign, makes sure that your ads are served on premium inventory and qualified to run on most major streaming services like Hulu, Roku, etc for streaming TV campaigns. Ads are served to your target audience based on where they go online throughout their days. This can mean that your ads are served on recipe blogs, local news sites, national outlets, and everything in between. It all depends on where your audience spends their time online. Be aware of definitive promises to run your ads on certain sites, and make sure to ask if you’ll be able to see your ad delivery data for transparency.

2. How can I get access to reporting? Will I be able to see daily performance reports?

Access to real-time reporting on a dashboard, or a daily email provides the best insight into performance. Beware of having to ask every time you want to see how your campaign funds are being spent. has real-time reporting built in to every campaign. Easily see exactly how your campaign is performing at any time and be able to make apples-to-apples comparisons to other voter outreach methods.

3. What are your data fees? Will I be able to use my own data?

Getting hit with unexpected fees or having critical features hidden behind paywalls is never great. It makes it hard to build out accurate digital budgets and builds distrust with the vendor. With, what you see is what you get. There are no extra fees to match your custom audience list, no extra fees to use our voterfile-matched universes, and nothing is hidden behind a paywall. It’s free to sign up and build out a campaign, and our built-in media planning tool lets you see in real-time how effective your campaign will be with your target audience before spending a dime.

4. How does your platform support voter reach at the most granular level?

Our platform supports voter targeting at the most granular level by allowing you to target voters based on their city, state house district, congressional district, zip code, etc. or even by using your own custom data. We understand that your voters are real people in your district, and we prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to data. We partner with only the most accurate data firms to ensure your message is seen by the voters you want, wherever and whenever they go online. We use several methods to ensure that your message is in front of the right people, including browser cookies, mobile device IDs, geolocation targeting, mobile geofencing, and smart IP targeting. Relying on any single method means risking that half of your audience may not see your ads.

5. What kind of ads can I run?

Being able to run a variety of creatives with one vendor is vital. Display ads are always classic and can easily complement the look of a direct mail piece or yard sign. However, the exponential growth of streaming on smart TVs and online video makes it incredibly easy to get a short video message to your voters within minutes. lets you serve display, preroll video, or CTV ads in the same campaign or create a custom mix of creative for whatever audience you want to target.

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