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Running an Effective Political Digital Marketing Campaign

How Changed the Political Campaign Digital Strategy for a North Carolina Judge - and Won!

Running for North Carolina’s Court of Appeals, Judge Michael Stading faced several challenges. Appellate Court Judge races in North Carolina are typically very low-budget and limited outreach options. Previously, his only realistic outreach options involved low-tech and high-effort options like grassroots outreach and yard signs.

Why Did Judge Stading Use for His Political Campaign Marketing Strategy?’s easy-to-use political digital ad platform allowed Judge Stading’s campaign to easily get his campaign message to potential voters. And unlike traditional methods of outreach, digital advertising allows candidates to serve their political message to voters multiple times a day. This increases name ID without any extra work on behalf of campaign teams.

Determining the Right Audience

Judge Stading’s campaign exclusively used our firm for their paid digital advertising because of our ability to deliver effective results on a limited budget. Our prebuilt voterfile matched audiences and proprietary custom audience builder helped them define and match a precise audience that was large enough to be impactful in a close race yet small enough to put a sufficient lead on the target in a limited timeframe.

Using our proprietary custom audience builder, we matched the campaign’s two modeled audiences, and then used our platform’s media planning tool to create a draft plan for each audience. This tool instantly calculates frequency, impressions, and share of voice based on budget, target audience, and other campaign variables. The campaign could then quickly build an effective digital campaign within budget. Notably, while our proprietary matching system matches a campaign’s modeled data to IP addresses, mobile device IDs, cookies, and lat-long coordinates at an average rate of 85%, we were able to match ALL 61,501 unique targets provided by the campaign for a 100% match rate.

We reached this audience with an average frequency of 10.3 for CTV and pre-roll video ads - exceeding the campaign’s frequency goal of 9. Additionally, our platform’s voter data automatically suppresses those who vote absentee or by mail – ensuring that a campaign is only spending its dollars on reaching voters who have not yet voted. Our platform’s technology enabled the candidate to reach their target audience more effectively and within its budget while still having an impact.

Judge Stading ultimately won all but two counties, propelling him to a state-wide victory where he received a higher percentage of the vote than Senator-elect Ted Budd and the two winning candidates for State Supreme Court Justice. Despite limited resources and extremely low name ID statewide, Judge Stading’s campaign ultimately won due to our platform’s easy, effective, and affordable way to reach key voters online.

How Works For Your Campaign combines voter targeting solutions, advertising technology, and near real-time customized reporting within a streamlined interface. In as little as 10 minutes, a user can launch a digital campaign to any voter universe. Along with no up-front costs or setup fees, it’s no wonder why in its first year our platform signed up 87 accounts that launched 587 campaigns.

By harnessing the power of digital advertising (as opposed to fixed placements), campaigns can deliver their messages to precisely the voters they desire, no matter where these voters go online. Powered by the latest advertising innovations, provides the skill and experience of an entire advertising operations team without the cost. Traditionally, campaigns looking to use political digital ads in their own races needed to have big budgets, expensive consultants, and a deep knowledge of digital marketing. Our firm changed the industry standard by developing an effective and efficient platform that allows candidates up and down the ballot to serve display, pre-roll, and CTV (think streaming TV services, like Netflix or Hulu) ads to the exact voters they want in less than 10 minutes. No digital advertising experience is needed.

In addition, with a real-time media planning tool and near real-time reporting, campaigns can see their ad spend, digital ad performance, and key campaign metrics that let them make an apples-to-apples comparison across all outreach efforts (not just digital!).

Precision Voter Targeting

Besides putting the most advanced political advertising technology into the hands of Republican campaigns, our voterfile-matched audience lists and custom audience builder are available at no additional cost to our clients. By matching the voter file to the most recent data from multiple industry-leading sources, then parsing that data into custom lists that include organizing voters based on a selected geography, district, or precinct, a candidate can easily send a custom message to nine different pre-built voter audiences (persuasion, swing, strong) with the literal click of a button. Our platform also easily integrates custom audience data with match rates above 85%. Our proprietary matching system takes a campaign’s data and matches it to IP addresses, mobile device IDs, cookies, and lat-long coordinates to produce an average match rate greater than 85% within a few hours. During the campaign, the combination of identifiers is used to produce the best results in reach and scale automatically. These lists are saved to their account, so they can easily create multiple campaigns for their unique target audiences.

Whether a campaign’s goal is increased name recognition, persuasion, or GOTV, our platform has a proven record of success. No matter the level of the campaign, or the size of the budget, our firm brings industry-leading technology to candidates and causes up and down the ballot.

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