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Joseph N. Resta

Director of Accounts Management

Joseph N. Resta is the Director of Accounts Management at; bringing a decade of experience in digital marketing and strategy in the political space. Joseph began his career working with the Republican Governor's Association and the Republican National Committee before moving into roles at some of the country's leading political digital firms.

After serving on the Presidential Inaugural Committee in 2017, Joseph moved from DC to Texas to expand his digital strategy profile in the Lone Star state. He joined the RADs team in 2022 and he and his team are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the platform and run successful digital advertising campaigns.

Joseph brings unique experience to Having worked in the agency world for almost a decade, he has a strong grasp on the unique needs of our clients. He truly understands how the platform can best be utilized from their perspective.

When he is not working, you can find Joseph enjoying time with his daughter, playing golf, or cheering on his East Carolina Pirates.

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Joseph N. Resta
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