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The Maine Difference

Combining Digital with Doorknocking to Get Results

In today's world, it's hard for candidates and parties to get their message across to voters. With so much information available, it can be overwhelming. That's where digital advertising comes in, and is leading the way in using technology to make a real impact in elections.

A recent example of how this approach worked was in the Maine 45th State House District special election. The Republican party used's digital advertising services to run targeted ads to registered Republicans in the district. At the same time, the candidate went out into the community to connect with voters face-to-face. This combination of digital and in-person campaigning turned out to be a winning strategy.

What made this approach so effective was the way used voter data to target specific groups of voters with tailored ads. By analyzing the data, they were able to reach voters who were already likely to support the Republican candidate. This meant that when the candidate knocked on their doors, they were already inclined to vote for him.

During a recent State House special election, our firm did digital IE advertising for the state party. They had a specific universe of voters they wanted to target multiple times with GOTV ads. These same voters told us at the doors they were receiving our ads and they were ready to vote for our Republican candidate. The candidate ended up winning by only 121 votes, which flipped the district from blue to red.” - Joe Turcotte, consultant

This success story shows just how effective targeted digital advertising can be in influencing voter behavior.


So, who is We are an award-winning provider of digital advertising services for political campaigns and organizations. Our specialty is using voter data to target specific groups of voters with messages that resonate with their interests and concerns.

Our technology uses advanced algorithms to analyze voter data and identify key demographics and traits that are likely to respond to a campaign's message. By targeting these groups with tailored ads, campaigns can make the biggest impact and reach voters who are most likely to be swayed.

The success of the Maine 45th State House District special election is just one example of how digital advertising can work hand-in-hand with in-person campaigning. By combining the reach and precision of targeted digital advertising with the personal touch of face-to-face outreach, campaigns can create a powerful combination that can make all the difference in a close election.

Digital advertising is a proven and powerful tool that can make in-person outreach even more effective and efficient. With the help of's cutting-edge technology and targeted ad campaigns, campaigns can reach specific groups of voters with messages that resonate with their interests and concerns. The result is a powerful combination of digital and traditional campaigning tactics that can make a real impact on election day.

Want to use this award-winning technology in your next campaign? It’s free to get started!


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