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Osceola County Republican Party

While the Osceola County Republican Executive Committee (OREC) historically had a strong volunteer and fundraising operation, they continued to fall short of their electoral goals. With increased fundraising late in the cycle, they decided to use our firm’s voterfile targeted digital advertising platform to reach key voters because of its ease of use and ability to deliver effective results no matter a campaign’s budget. Leveraging our platform’s ability to serve digital audience persuasion campaigns and geofence campaigns, OREC embarked on a two-phase digital messaging strategy using our platform.

Phase One - Persuasion

Using our platform, OREC launched several digital persuasion campaigns to support a broader GOTV campaign and increase name ID for several underfunded down-ballot candidates among persuadable voters. Our prebuilt audiences combined nine different audiences (weak party affiliation, strong party affiliation, swing, GOTV, etc.) to create the exact audience needed. These audiences are not only matched to the voterfile and combined with several top-tier databases, but they also automatically exclude voters who have already voted, ensuring that campaigns are only spending money on the voters they need to win.

Phase Two - Geotargeting

On Election Day, OREC served geofence campaigns to 16 precincts. Our technology takes these campaigns and exclusively serves ads to everyone within 300ft of each polling location – ensuring that a candidate’s ad is the last one voters see as they wait in line, scrolling on their phone.

This innovative use of technology was proven in Osceola County, Florida to be effective, impactful, and cost-efficient. The combined result of these two campaigns resulted in four of six targeted candidates winning and a percentage increase in the Republican vote. These wins include:

●  Carolina Amnesty, Florida House District 45

●  Paula Stark, Florida House District 47

●  Melissa Palomino, Overoaks Community Development Council

●  Debbie Allen, Overoaks Community Development Council

OREC Chairman Cross said, 

"In the past, Osceola County Republicans have relied on traditional methods of grassroots voter contact, neighborhood canvassing, phone banks, and mail have been our methods for years.  I was intrigued by this specific platform after seeing their ads and decided to use them for digital advertising and precinct geotargeting after being contacted by one of their strategists.  This allowed us to [digitally] send a 'Vote Republican' slate card across the county and to targeted precincts and support underfunded down-ballot candidates who won on Election Day.  They were an important part of our victory strategy."

Whether a campaign’s goal is increased name recognition, persuasion, or GOTV, our platform has a proven record of success.  No matter the level of the campaign, or the size of the budget, our firm brings industry-leading technology to candidates and causes up and down the ballot.

Campaign Creative

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