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NC House Bill 512 while working in tandem with Public Affairs Partners played a pivotal role in a collaborative effort, led by Faith Wins America, to oppose the legalization of video poker and casino gambling in North Carolina. Working alongside our partners at Campaign HQ and Direct Edge, our firm’s digital advertising expertise contributed significantly to mobilizing voters and influencing key legislators against the proposed legislation.


The Goal: Run a coordinated outreach effort across digital, phones, and mail to encourage legislators to vote “no” on NC House Bill 512.


The Audience: 10 target districts and key locations, including the state legislature, legislator homes and offices, their churches, and churches affiliated with Faith Wins America.


The Strategy: and Public Affairs Partners ran a comprehensive display and video campaign toward all audience targets. Every display and video ad included a specific call to action, resulting in impressive metrics: 1,477,365 display/banner ad impressions, 722,718 pre-roll video impressions, and 3,394 click-throughs to the Issue Impact Page.


In tandem with our firm’s digital efforts, Campaign HQ executed an extensive phone campaign, sending 283,013 text messages, 6,000 patch-through calls, and facilitating 585 advocates to send 654 emails to legislators through the action page. Our other partner, Direct Edge contributed by producing 30 unique mailers, each addressing the impact of expanded gaming on crime, families, and conservative Christian values. Faith Wins America leveraged grassroots efforts, recruiting pastors and congregants to make calls and send emails.


The Result: Legislators voted no on the bill after seeing the public opposition to the bill. The combination of digital, phone, and direct mail not only reinforced the client’s message, but it motivated key audiences to act. Outreach efforts encouraged 585 advocates to send 654 emails to legislators through the action page.

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