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Maine Republican Party, GOTV

The Maine Republican Party used's digital advertising technology to run targeted ads to registered Republicans in the district. At the same time, the candidate, Abden Simmons, a shellfish harvester, fisherman, and sternman went out into the community receiving the ads to connect with voters face-to-face. This combination of digital and in-person campaigning turned out to be a winning strategy for their GOTV efforts.

The Goal: Complement door-knocking with digital ads to get messaging to voters who didn’t answer the door, and reinforce the candidate’s message to those who did.

The Audience: Using our own voterfile matched GOTV list, we targeted the exact GOTV audience where the campaign went door knocking.

The Strategy: Using our proprietary voterfile matching technology, the candidate’s digital ad campaign served 25,497 impressions to the GOTV audience in his area over 5 days. With a Click-Thru-Rate of 0.36% and a frequency of 13.28 per target per day, he could effectively get his message to stick to the right audience.

The Result: The candidate won by only 121 votes, flipping the district from blue to red. When the candidate got to doors, almost every household was familiar with him because of the digital ads run with our platform.

"During a recent State House special election, our firm did digital IE advertising for the state party. They had a specific universe of voters they wanted to target multiple times with GOTV ads. These same voters told us at the doors they were receiving our ad and they were ready to vote for our Republican candidate. The candidate ended up winning by only 121 votes, which flipped the district from blue to red." Joe Turcotte Consultant

Campaign Creative

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