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Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger

The Primary

Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia Secretary of State, used our platform to win re-election both in the Primaries and the General. He won his four-way primary with 52.4% of the vote despite trailing in the polls (numbers in the low 30s in most polls), and attacks from President Trump. This was 19% higher than his closest opponent, Jody Hice, a Trump endorsed candidate. Even more remarkable, he won the nomination without a runoff – something pundits locally and across the country expected. Even in the face of adversity, our platform gave Raffensperger the unique ability to get in front of his audience quickly and effectively with the message he wanted.


Raffensperger’s team used our platform to deliver a combination of display, pre-roll, and CTV to reach their primary target audience, leaning heavily on pre-roll for its cost-effectiveness and widespread viewability. They ran 16 unique digital advertising campaigns throughout the primary from 4/8/22 to 5/24/22. Our unique voterfile matched audiences allowed the campaign to use pre-roll and CTV to increase the reach and frequency of their traditional TV ads and reach key targets with unique digital only video messages. Since our platform harnesses the power of targeted programmatic advertising, the voter file, and several voter databases – candidates can more effectively send tailored messages to unique subsets of their key audience. And they’re able to do so in under 10 minutes. This gave the campaign the flexibility to highlight key campaign points, unique endorsements, and other types of non-traditional video formats and serve those creatives multiple times to key sets of voters.


Our platform leveraged our prebuilt universes and our proprietary custom audience builder to determine their targeting strategy. They used our prebuilt Republican Primary Audience (matched to the voterfile and frequently updated from several high-quality data sources) and a custom audience of 2 of 4 Republican Primary voters so they could over-index in a high-turnout primary. Creating this audience was also key as it was less likely to be receptive to Trump’s attacks and less likely to blindly support a Trump-endorsed candidate than more frequent primary voters. They also created a custom audience of 65+ Republican primary voters for a unique video messaging campaign about issues important to that group of voters. This allowed the campaign to target unique audiences and spend their funds wisely. Instead of running blanket ads across a designated geo, they could spend money on serving ads that would resonate with their intended audience and exclude the rest.


Our platform’s industry-leading technology, cost-effectiveness, and unique targeting options led Raffensperger’s campaign to victory in the Primary and, later, the General.


The General 

After the Primary, Raffensperger faced several issues. In addition to attacks from President Biden and President Trump, his opponent had a significantly higher campaign budget, and an unprecedented amount of dark money was used to attack his campaign. By utilizing our firm’s industry-leading and cost effective technology, Raffensperger ultimately won the General with more than 53% of the vote and by the largest margin of victory than any other statewide candidate in Georgia.


Similar to the Primary, Raffensperger’s team used our voter-targeted self-serve platform to deliver a combination of 17 display, pre-roll, and CTV campaigns to key audiences. They further leveraged our firm’s proprietary custom audience builder and high-quality voterfile matched data to give the campaign the audience they needed to win. And with our unique audience building tools available at no additional cost, Raffensperger’s campaign could effectively leverage its limited budget without sacrificing data quality.

While display ads were used further to increase name ID and the campaign’s overall message, video ads (both pre-roll and CTV) were used to (1) increase the reach and frequency of traditional TV ads; (2) serve key targets unique messages on specific issues; and (3) leverage the reach of endorsements from different voter communities. Our firm made this unique targeting possible with our easy-to-use self-serve platform (you can create a new campaign in less than 10 minutes or duplicate an existing campaign in less than one minute); our ability to target at an incredibly customizable and granular level and the ability to drive results with any size campaign budget.


As a result of our firm’s effective, efficient, and easy-to-use technology, Raffensperger won by the largest margin than any other statewide candidate. He was also the best-performing statewide candidate among swing/unaffiliated voters and the best-performing Republican candidate overall in the Atlanta Metro area.


Whether a campaign’s goal is increased name recognition, persuasion, or GOTV, our platform has a proven record of success.  No matter the campaign's level or the budget's size, our firm brings industry-leading technology to campaigns and causes of all sizes.

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