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GA-10 Congressional

The Georgia 10th Congressional Republican Committee won statewide elections by swaying swing voters through the platform. Using a combination of our modeled universes of swing voters and data they received from the Georgia Secretary of State’s public voter data, our proprietary voter matching system combined those audiences to create their own custom list of swing voters. Our proprietary matching system takes a campaign’s modeled data and matches it to IP addresses, mobile device IDs, cookies, and lat-long coordinates to produce an average match rate greater than 85% within a few hours. Being able to quickly create a custom audience, that they could then target within only a few hours was key to maximizing their outreach efforts.  

After seeing initial success with display ad campaigns on our platform, they dedicated the entirety of their GOTV and paid digital budgets to our firm and ran 11+ campaigns. Our platform’s ability to not only create exact custom audiences but quickly duplicate and edit existing campaigns, manage campaigns across a team, see in near real-time how those campaigns are delivered, and serve those ads to their audience wherever they went online meant that their messaging was impactful, easily managed, and agile. This led to wins, increased turnout, and even additional donations from impressed donors.


The Georgia 10th Congressional Republican Committee also used our platform to run a hyper-targeted CTV campaign in Taliaferro County - a majority-minority county considered a Democratic stronghold. Continuing to target swing voters, they served nearly 10,000 CTV ads to nearly 1,000 reliable voters in Taliaferro County using our platform. The goal was to flood the streaming channels in this county to drive home their message and measure the data in real-time, something they could not do with television ads. 

As a result of our targeted ads, Taliaferro County shifted 3 points towards the GOP in 2022 vs. 2020 and improved for Governor Brian Kemp in 2022 vs. 2018 by 3.6 points. Additionally, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger improved by 5.2 points. These combined efforts collectively helped get the margins needed for successful wins for Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.


Whether a campaign’s goal is increased name recognition, persuasion, or GOTV, our platform has a proven record of success.  No matter the campaign's level or the budget's size, brings industry-leading technology to campaigns and causes of all sizes.

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