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Running with RADS: Steven and the Primaries

Now let’s follow Steven through the primaries and see how he uses as part of his strategy!

Note: This is part of our “Running with Series” where we profile three hypothetical campaigns to see how they use our innovative technology throughout every stage of the campaign process. Want to learn more? Click here to start from the beginning.

Steven for US Senate

Steven for US Senate

A seasoned senator approaching reelection, Steven has spent the bulk of his political career lobbying for a landmark reform bill and is passionate about seeing it implemented during this second term. Getting reelected is very important to him, as his desire to effect change continues to drive his goals.

Steven sat down with his digital strategy consultant and lined out some basic goals and strategy for success. Because the size of his campaign carries a lot of moving parts, it’s important that Steven set his goals in motion quickly so the consultant can move forward with other tasks for which he is responsible. His goals during the primary phase of the election involve the following:

  • Steven wants to remind voters of his previous success – most specifically the State Jobs Bill he sponsored that brought in a significant amount of income and job opportunities to the state. 
  • He wants to make sure to get his name out into the community quickly. His seat is being challenged by a rising star, and making sure his name is a household utterance before the challenger has a chance to make himself known is part of the strategy.


Steven is confident that digital advertising can help him meet these goals because it is a solution that will fit in seamlessly with his existing campaign infrastructure, resources, and teams. After some research, Steven and his consultant both agree to use for a variety of reasons:

  • User hierarchy 

With this feature, Steven’s digital campaign can be managed by a team of people with varying user permissions. With this setup, the consultant can book the digital campaign, and the reporting can be tracked by a staffer.

  • Data-Matching 

Steven, along with various staff, already have a lot of voter information collected over the years, during and since his last election. With, they are able to upload the same voter list they were using for their direct mail campaign and will match it to their own voter database within 24 hours. This feature allows them to move seamlessly from direct mail to digital advertising, without the headache of reinventing the wheel. 

  • Ability to use existing video creative

In Steven’s last campaign, he spent a lot of money on commercial ads and, in preparation for this reelection cycle, had already paid to create and produce a high quality, 30-second commercial.

Steven’s new consultant has enough experience and research under his belt to know that ads that run on CTV (think Roku, your basic smart TV – basically a television that streams content one way or another) and on pre-roll (those ads that play before videos on YouTube, etc.) are by far two of the most effective ways to show ads to your likely and potential voters – and far better than traditional commercials for the money. 

They are able to use this existing creative and upload it to to run on CTV and pre-roll, creating a seamless transfer of Steven’s investment into the digital advertising arena. This will streamline his campaign efforts and give them more bang for their buck.

Setting Up Steven's Campaign on

After their initial meeting, Steven’s consultant quickly moved through the steps needed to set up a campaign. The process was simple:

Step 1:  He indicated the target audience – in this case, Steven wants to reach voters in his home state. 

Step 2: As part of the campaign details and target location, the consultant entered Steven’s home address, ensuring he will see his own ads and be able to follow his own digital campaign as a voter would. 

Step 3: He entered the location of the campaign – the state in which the election will take place. 

Step 4: He uploaded the custom audience list that was previously collected by the campaign during their direct mail campaign efforts years ago. will take that information and have it matched to their own database within 24 hours. 

Step 5: He chose the ad formats he wanted to utilize and uploaded his own creative (the 30 second commercial that was finished and ready to go). He chose to have this commercial aired via CTV and pre-roll, as previously discussed. He also uploaded an ad creative to be used as a Display Ad and chose the size that fit their goals and budget.


Once these steps were complete, the consultant set up the appropriate permissions for staffers and was able to move on to other work he had lined out. The entire process, along with the decision making efforts, took less than thirty minutes. Now they are ready to move on to the next phase of the campaign!

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