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Running with RADS: Clark and the Primaries

Clark is challenging Steven for the US Senate seat and plans to give him a run for this money. Let’s follow his progress to see how his goals differ from the previous candidates – and how he uses to achieve them.

Note: This is part of our “Running with Series” where we profile three hypothetical campaigns to see how they use our innovative technology throughout every stage of the campaign process. Want to learn more? Click here to start from the beginning.

Clark for US Senate

Clark for US Senate

Clark’s success in his own district resulted in a historic victory that flipped his district from democrat to republican. After serving two terms as a Congressman, Clark is ready to take on the Senate and bring some common sense ideals to the Hill. Convinced that Senator Steven is driven almost entirely by special interest groups, Clark remains unimpressed with Steven’s platform and has vowed to help his constituents rather than bend to groups with power. 

Clark is committed to hosting and attending as many in-person events as possible, and this same mindset is what helped him win his seat. He also has a robust social media presence and will be sending blast emails throughout the campaign. His strategy hinges on two very important goals:

  1. Promote his in-person events heavily and strategically. 
  2. Discredit his opponent, Steven, by reminding voters about Senator Steven’s close ties to certain special interest groups.  

Clark will be working with an agency that will handle his campaign for him. The scope of the advertising, along with the specific goals Clark has for the next few months, all necessitate services that are readily provided by the agency.

Why Use

The agency Clark chose to run his campaign is juggling multiple campaigns this cycle, making it important that the services they use seamlessly integrate with their team. They also want to make sure that the advertising they choose will supplement their blast email and social media campaigns. They need digital advertising that is effective, easy-to-use, seamless, and effectuates their strategy. Enter

The agency also has multiple users working on a single campaign, so the user hierarchy feature is attractive to them. They will be able to grant various permissions to certain individuals within the organization and assign tasks accordingly. Additionally, the real-time reporting that provides will allow each member of the team to access relevant analytics and report back to the team. White paper reporting is also available and will prove helpful to their goals and strategy.

Setting Up His Campaign

After going through the strategy and setting goals, Clark’s agency went to work setting up the campaign. 

Step 1: The first step is selecting the audience. In this case, Clark and his team want to target Senator Steven’s base to make sure they know about his ties to special interest groups. 

Step 2: In this step, they will enter the campaign details (website, etc.) Because Clark wants to upload a clickable ad that will send potential voters to a microsite highlighting Senator Steven’s ties to special interest groups, that is the URL they pasted into the system. 

Step 3: They entered the location of the campaign, which in this instance is the entire state of Texas. 

Step 4: This is where the agency indicated the target audience of the campaign. They decided to target all GOP voters. They want as many eyes on their ad as possible and decided to trust the prebuilt GOP audience list. This pre-built list is put together with some of the best data available and is a surefire way to make sure as many GOP, Texan voters are inundated with the ad Clark wants them to see. 

Step 5: Choosing the ad format was easy. They had already talked about a display ad, since those are easily seen and clickable. Clicking on the ad will take them to the microsite that highlights the details of Senator Steven’s involvement with special interest groups, which is a huge part of their campaign strategy. 

Step 6: Here they previewed and approved the creative the agency had created and uploaded to the site. 

Step 7: In this step, they utilized the media planning/budget feature to create and approve a media plan for the campaign. The plan is easily adjusted as they receive feedback from Clark and key players in his campaign.

And They're Off!

With Clark’s campaign created, uploaded, and approved, the agency will keep moving forward with the other pieces of their strategy, as well as analyze reports and analytics from as they come in. Then they will make the appropriate adjustments and work with the platform to create a hard-hitting campaign that Clark hopes will help him take Senator Steven’s place on the Hill! 

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