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Running with RADS: Catherine and the Primaries

Now that the official paperwork has been filed and the campaigns have been announced, it’s time to hit the ground running. Let’s follow our candidates to see what’s next for them!

Note: This is part of our “Running with Series” where we profile three hypothetical campaigns to see how they use our innovative technology throughout every stage of the campaign process. Want to learn more? Click here to start from the beginning.

Catherine for County Commissioner

catherine for county commissioner

Running for county commissioner was something Catherine’s husband encouraged her to do because of her passion for community improvement. He immediately volunteered to serve as her campaign manager when she made the decision to run for office. Harboring a vision about economic growth in Flagstaff, where she both resides and runs a small business, Catherine is eager to effect change in their community. 

Catherine did some preliminary research and learned that the most important goals in a local campaign are name recognition and platform promotion. She also knows that budget and time restrictions mean that minimizing cost per voter is key to a successful campaign. 

Prior to making decisions about how to best use their resources, Catherine and her husband sat down to do some focused research and discuss key points and priorities.

They learned that the average person spends about 7 hours per day on the internet, which made it very clear to Catherine that digital advertising was going to reach more people for less money than other advertising avenues. After a little more digging, they also found that ads on social media are less effective than digital ads. Digital ads are pushed to screens in a more organic, streamlined way and allow key voters to see her ads as they browsed their phones throughout the day. Social media ads, they found, also tend to censor conservative voices, have a lot of red tape, reach constituents only when they are on social media sites, and are just plain expensive.

They landed on and decided to run a digital ad campaign on their platform. Their user-friendly interface allowed them to get a campaign up and running in less than 10 minutes, and the budgeting tool was very helpful in helping them choose the best campaign for their needs. Additionally, Catherine and her husband were very impressed with the voterfile-matched data that allowed her to target voters specifically in her county. This feature was included at no additional cost and would prove to be invaluable. 

Setting Up Her Campaign

Catherine and her husband went through the following steps to set up her digital ad campaign:

  • Select Campaign Type

They chose “Audience,” since their primary goal was to increase name recognition among her likely primary voters. 

  • Enter Campaign Details

This section included the campaign website URL, name, campaign dates, etc. Interestingly, Catherine’s husband initially typed in the wrong URL, which was corrected by the program. (The interface was developed to ensure the final product is error-free and easy to read.)

  • Location

They then selected their own county (Coconino County), since this is where their entire voter base resides and works. Becuase the geographic database is backed by USPS and census data, Catherine can be confident that her campaign will only deliver in her county. 

  • Audience

They selected “Republican Primary Voters.” Catherine and her husband agreed, based on the research they did, that they only want to target voters who are likely to vote in her primary. 

  • Ad Formats

They decided to run all four sizes of ads as part of their campaign. Serving as a sort of “digital yard sign,” this option proved to be the most cost-effective and worthwhile option. As they got into the process, they became overwhelmed with how to best design an ad that would serve her purposes, so they reached out to the team at Their in-house design team used her headshot, colors, and fonts to create an ad that was optimized for a digital audience and integrated into the rest of her campaign material. 

  • Review Budget

After it was all entered, they were able to review their budget of $1000 and make sure it met her strategy goals, as well as calculate her overall expected impressions (how many times the ad will be shown to the target audience) and frequency (the number of times an ad will be shown to one person.)

After this process, Catherine and her husband were able to relax and move on to the next piece of their campaign strategy, organize town hall meetings, and write speeches, all while knowing that their digital advertising needs were being met organically and with purpose. 

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