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Where Are My Ads Online?

Your digital ads are shown on any ad-supported website or app that is accessed by your target audience. 

Our digital advertising platform has access to virtually any website or app that serves digital ads. This means that there are millions of opportunities for your ad (whether display or video) to be shown on the websites and apps that people actually visit every day.  

Our advanced audience and geographic targeting ensures that your ad is shown ONLY to the audience you want, wherever they are. Whenever someone in your target audience and location loads an ad-supported website or app, our platform works overtime to place your ad on that website and in front of their eyes. Instead of paying to place your ad and hope the right people see it, your ad is precisely matched to your audience wherever they go online. guarantees that the websites and apps your ads will appear on are reputable, secure, and contain the best viewable inventory.

If you want to block a specific website or have additional questions about our brand safety guidelines, please reach out to

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