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Understanding Your Campaign Report

You will begin seeing reporting metrics in the platform approximately 24 hours after your campaign goes “live”.

Frequency is one of the most important metrics in persuasion advertising.  Higher frequency means a more effective campaign. Frequency equals the number of total impressions divided by the numbers of individual targets seeing the ad. 

formula showing how to determine frequency  

An impression is when an ad is delivered to a person. If your campaign is estimated to serve 100,000 impressions, that is the total number of times your ad will be seen by your audience.

Cost Per Voter shows the amount of budget spent on each individual voter. This metric allows you to conduct a side-by-side comparison on cost-per-voter reached with other outreach methods you might be using. It is determined by taking a campaign’s budget and dividing by the number of targets in your universe.

Good click-through rates (or CTR%) depend on the ad type.  PreRoll video ads tend to have a lower CTR% than banner ads, and CTV videos will have very minimal clicks.

The average CTR% on a banner ad ranges from 0.5% – 1.5%.  While it might seem low, it’s important to remember that the purpose of these ads is to persuade individuals using the message on the ad. Creatives should be intended to make a persuasive argument rather than drive traffic.

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