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Eric Philips, Virginia House Delegate, District 48

In a recent special election for the Virginia House of Delegates District 48, our candidate faced numerous challenges. The Republican incumbent resigned shortly before the election, leaving little time for preparation. They needed a firm with a quick turnaround who could deliver their message to voters in just 24 hours.

The Goal: The timeline for the election was incredibly tight, with less than 30 hours notice given. This left us with less than five hours to create a target audience, develop an advertising plan, and place the advertising buys.

The Audience: We targeted all known Republican general election voters and those who participated in recent elections with display and search ads. Our ads contained all the necessary details about the special election and urged support for our candidate, emphasizing his status as a political outsider.

The Ads: The ad itself was a display ad showcasing Delegate Philips, with a large headline informing the audience of the mass meeting and urging them to vote for the candidate. The ads drove the audience to the candidate's landing page.

The Result: Delegate Philips won the election by a margin of 101 to 87 (14 votes!), with only a 24-hour lead time. In just 24 hours, served an impressive 93,843 display ads to a unique audience of 2,240 targets - achieving a frequency of nearly 42.

" was able to turn around targeted digital ads earning thousands of impressions in just 24 hours. With their help and expertise, we secured the Republican nomination by 14 votes with only 24-hour lead time. We look forward to continuing our partnership and delivering victories for our clients!" Jimmy Keady Founder, JLK Strategies

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