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smarter digital targeting

How We Help Your Campaign

Use our self-serve platform to easily manage your own campaign or your client's. And with collaborative tools built-in, makes it easy for a team to manage and monitor multiple campaigns.



We enable political campaigns to purchase every digital ad viewed by voters while at or near any designated location (including polling places).



Serve your ads to the voters you need to win. Use our prebuilt voterfile-matched audiences or upload your own list. Reach those voters (and only those voters) on any device, any second of every day.


White Glove

Our team of campaign experts will help craft the perfect digital campaign for your unique needs.

During a recent State House special election, did the digital IE advertising for the state party. They had a specific universe of voters they wanted to target multiple times with GOTV ads. These same voters told us at the doors they were receiving our ads and they were ready to vote for our Republican candidate. The candidate ended up winning by only 121 votes, which flipped the district from blue to red.

Joe Turcotte

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